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Friday, September 17, 2010

Someday soon...

I love video games. It's no secret to those that are close to me that cartoons and video games were and are my largest inspiration. I'm always up on video game news and with the Tokyo Game Show going on I have been treated with a few of my favorites comming to me in awesome forms. These are a few trailers of upcoming games that I adore and I truly hope I can be working on stuff like this someday soon...

Battlefield!!!! Perhaps my favorite game series of all time. This is going to be fantastic! A throw back to one of the original Battlefield games married with the glorious Bad Company 2 Frostbite engine. That was a pretty nerdy sentence, this is one of those games where I can't hide how much of a dork I am when I talk about it. Needless to say, I'm very excited for this one. Awesome trailer too.

Devil May Cry, made by Capcom a company I admire and highly respect. They have really made some of the best games ever. I love all video games but there is something about the charm and style of Capcom games that really makes them one of my favorite developers. They say that this is a reboot for one of my most cherished game series, super exciting! Working with Ninja Theory should be awesome for this type of game. And again another super sleek, awesome trailer.

Another game I'm really excited about. Mostly because my wife wants to play this one with me! This adorable new Kirby game had me front the start. It's yarn themed? Yes and it's truly awesome. I love adorable round creatures and this game seems to have them by the dozens! Plus it looks really fun. Nice job Nintendo.

Hello my name is...

While we were having a meeting at work one of the regional guys had made a comment about how lame our name tags are. By the end of the day there was a contest announced for anyone to design a new name tag for the store. Here is my submission!

 I've lived in San Ramon for quite a while now. The toughest part of this design was trying to figure out how to capture "San Ramon" or just the "Cali" feeling. I remembered a year ago when my folks picked me and my wife up from the airport after returning from Japan. The first thing I noticed coming back into town was how ridiculously gold the hills looked. I know we live in the golden state and all but seeing it this way really gave me a new look on my home town. I mean they looked liked pure gold! Anyways I went with this bit of life inspiration for the name tag. Win or not this was a fun piece.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Daily sketch

It's really hard to draw something some days. I have many ideas and projects going on right now so sometimes I'm just feeling burnt out and I don't want to worry or work on any current stuff. When this happens I find it comforting to fall back on what I naturally enjoy and what comes easy to me. I don't have to focus on pushing myself or making sure I try something new, I want to avoid making it frustrating and just go with what's natural.

While I really like graphic detailed drawings, I must say that cute, round stuff has always been my favorite stuff to draw. For some reason I have no shortage of ideas when it comes to making something cute. This one is a little robot, I imagine him to be about 4 inches big. I thought it would be cool if you plugged him in and he just hovered around your desk or work space hanging you pencils and different tools that you needed. Maybe he would tell you the time or be a little alarm for you as well!

Anyways, the moral of the story is, if you REALLY don't feel like drawing just relax and do what comes naturally. Ignore all the stress of ongoing projects or whatever may be bothering you and go back to the basics. Just have fun!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Here are some recent signs I've done...

I've had to do a bunch of menus lately. I usually don't enjoy the text heavy signs but these ones were really fun. Especially the 2nd one below. It's really big, about 4ft by 4.5ft, so I'm glad that everything come off so clean and crisp. This one really looks like a good menu to me!

This was a fun weekly sale sign I did for seafood.

I love this sign! I may have to cut this one in half to fit in my car but once this one has run it's course I'm definitley taking it home. I'm not even sure what it is about it. I think it's a combo of things really. I really like the font, I like the German flag colors, the foam and the beer cups were fun to draw. And lastly I think the pumpkin looks great!