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Monday, August 30, 2010

Doggy Walk

I recently finished an art test for a job that I'm going for. This was great, I had to create a dog, draw it at a few different angles and create a looping walk cycle. Here's the result!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chalk it up

I think I mentioned that I work at Whole Foods and may have referenced my cash register. I am indeed a cashier but the other half of my week I am the store chalkboard artist! I feel truly lucky that I can go to work and draw all day long. I must also admit that Im usually painting and drawing on black poster board. There is no real chalk involved. I do have experience with chalk art but I must say Im happy that I get to use paint, something I'm much more comfortable with. Ive done many signs and really haven't photographed any so I went back and snapped a few shots of some signs that are still up, some that have been retired and then some that haven't been used yet. Enjoy!

Here are a couple shots of my work space! My own little artist loft in the store.

I really like this one. All the writing was sort of a pain but these were things that I would have never drawn on my own so each fruit was fun.

Here's a newer one. We're trying to reach 7,500 bucks to put a salad bar in a local school. I like this one but think it will look better when it's all filled in. And I'm not just saying that because I want the salad bar in a school, I really think it will look better colored in.

This is a fun one. It's a huge calendar at up in the front of the store. This is cool because I get to do a new header each month and it's fun to come up with different themes.  Back to school for August!

Obviously another back to school sign. I really enjoyed doing this one.

 Gotta like this one. This bus is actually huge. 8 feet long by about 5 feet high. I had a blast doing this and I think everyone in the store likes it too!

Each week our meat and seafood departments have a different item on sale. It's always fun to come in and see what I have to draw this week. Yum yum, rock fish!

I like how the bag looks in this one. I don't think I would like this one as much if weren't hung in such a cool spot under the ivy.

Tada! This months calender header. It's Whole Foods 30th bday!

And last is the June header, easily one of my favorite signs I've done.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Check me out!

I've been working in collaboration with Orange Moon Studios to put together these "how to" videos for a new product. The product is for tennis players who want to improve their serve technique. This first video is the initial commercial  and I'm currently finishing some animation in the actual tutorial video. Check it out! My animation is used about half way through, all the little lasers and gizmos!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

ALWAYS time to sketch!

Here are a few sketches I've done while at work! Working at Whole Foods brings many types of people through your life, I'm never short of inspiration while working. These were done on lunch breaks and any other time I was able to duck behind my cash register and jot something down!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Urban Godz concept

Tada! Here are my initial ideas and sketches for the first of my Urban Godz, Hermes. I started with him because he will be the one who is most like me! For those who dont know Hermes was the god of thieves, travelers, and merchants. He was also the messenger of the gods and is best known for his sandals and helmet that have wings on them.

I like the glasses and the laid back hoodie style here. Not sure about his headphones and overall "happy" attitude though.

Some hairstyles. One thing I want to maintain is their "Godly" feeling. I feel as if a couple of things like strange hairstyles and having pure white eyes will help this. I'm probably going with the fauxhawk one in the middle.

I'm liking this one. Not so sure about some details like his nose and mouth but this is the one I will take to my digital sketches for reference.

I actually did this wing first before any actual drawing of Hermes. I wanted this to be what I pulled from. In the end I'm going for a more cartoon feeling, I went a bit further with this so I can edit down and take what I like. This will be the wings on his shoes. He will be wearing some godly Chuck Taylor's!

Conceptual Ideas

Over the years I've thought of many different ideas, ranging from comic books to 3 part epic films. All of these ideas are written down in my "idea journal". For me it's always been a bit nerve wracking to go to the idea journal. This is simply because these are my most cherished concepts and I would hate to rush them or feel as if I did not fully achieve the idea I first set out for. With my idea book growing daily and the feeling to up my game and really push myself I've decided to dive into my idea journal head first and get to work on one of my brilliant ideas!

As of late I have felt the need to refocus myself as an artist and start producing work that will get me noticed. So without further ado I give you my "Urban Godz" concept. Growing up I was always interested in the Greek Gods and their unique stories and relationships with each other. This is spin on a handful of these Gods. If you don't know me then I'll have to tell you that I'm a bit of a hip hop head, I truly enjoy all types of music but I have always enjoyed hip hop and the awesome culture that it has produced. Simply put these are the Greek Gods with an urban, hip hop twist.

Gotta start somewhere...

Welcome to my blog! With this space I hope to inspire others as well as share my personal growth as an artist with all who are interested. Starting today I will be posting everything from my daily sketches to videos I find and like on the internet. Pretty much anything that I enjoy or that brings me inspiration will be here!